Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Finally, some good news!

Today, I got an email from an editor at White Wolf. They liked my "Proverbial Monsters" proposal and want to go forward with it. I am extremely pleased with this. I've wanted to write for White Wolf for a long time and now I will. I'm not sure what form my "Proverbial Monsters" will come out in but it's going to come out. I'm going to be a White Wolf author.

Even better, the editor is a friend of mine and I told him he just really made my day. That I needed some good news and he said: "And amusingly enough, I read your LJ right before I hit my slush pile, but I was so in “work mode” that I didn’t make the connection until just now. So I think that speaks for the quality of the work, instead of me trying to give a friend a break."

I really needed to hear that.

Ok. Now to go send in the NDA.

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