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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Abney Park Live - which is all about the Abney Park concert ... and the casualty we had at home during the concert.

September 27, 2008
Abney Park LIVE!
After something like thirteen months, I got to see Abney Park live again. Like the first time I met them (and every time I have see them live), I was one of their volunteer lasses at the merchandise booth. This time around, I was not alone. Dawn, the other lass, and I manned the table all night. Also, this time around, my husband Jeff was there to provide lots of things: security, alcohol, light, fanning and anything else we needed. It was awesome. We had our own unofficial minion.

I was dressed up the neo-Victorian stuff I favor and added a chain belt with seven brass Victorian skeleton keys. It looked pretty cool. Plus, as the airship Claviger (IE: Mistress of Keys), I gave each band member a brass Victorian skeleton key. As usual, all of the band members were very approachable and happy to talk. Even Finn and Daniel, whom I met for the first time last night.

The music. Oh, yes, the music. Abney Park is one of my favorite bands for a reason. They put on a kick-ass show. They played music from all over their repertoire – Creep to Airship Pirates to The Wrong Side to Downtrodden and everything in-between. They sound great live. Even when they "mess up." Robert, for some reason, feels the need to point out that they messed up when they did. Just to prove they are live. Their 'mess ups' are hardly noticeable. I spent the whole night dancing in the back of the room behind the booth. I got the bright idea to hold up the CD that the current song being played was on. We got some extra sales because of that.

The fashion. I swear, Abney Park has the best looking fans around. I have never seen so many goggles, flight helmets, top hats and corsets looking so good on so many people all at the same time. It was Steampunk and beauty everywhere you looked. I even got handed a pair of pretty sweet homemade goggles just cause. I had such a fabulous night!

Now, because I am old and creaky, I was sore and tired after the show when I got home. So, I was moving slowly. Thus, it was my husband who stumbled over the corpse in the kitchen. My top hat. My beloved Art of Adornment top hat was somehow in the kitchen from the top of my dresser, where I left it after deciding to opt for my mini-hat and veil. Jeff called me, "Uh, your hat is here in the kitchen." With a sinking heart, I went to look.

The carnage. My God, the carnage. The splatter of shredded black feathers was everywhere. I don't think there was a single stair that was not covered in pieces of black feathers. The top hat itself is still in good shape but there are no more feathers on it – at all. Instead, the feathers are like a trail of blood leading back to the crime scene, where a bunch more of my stuff from the top of my dress lay on the floor.

My top hat is still wearable. Which is why two naughty kittens are still alive and the trail of black feathers all over the house has been left. The damage has been done. Might as well leave the feathers around for them to play with. Besides, in a way, the carnage of black feathers all up and down the stairs is just too funny not to leave for a bit.

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