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My Newest Favorite TV show

It is called Destroyed in Seconds and it is on the Discovery Channel. I really think someone has been reading my mind. Or at least talking to it to find out what I want to see.

Discovery: Say, Jenn, what sort of TV show would you like to see?
Jenn: Um, something with disasters in it. Explosions and general mayhem.
Discovery: Really? All right. I think we have something in our repertoire for you. Do you mind if people get hurt, too? Some might even die.
Jenn: Only if it's disaster porn bordering on apocalyptic porn.
Discovery: All right. Yes. We've got something for you.
Jenn: Go on.
Discovery: It's called "Destroyed in Seconds."
Jenn: Promising beginning.
Discovery: It's a 30 minute show of chance disasters caught on tape. Each disaster takes no more than 5 minutes to show. So, that's at least four disasters per show. More, most of the time.
Jenn: I like what I'm hearing. What's an average show like?
Discovery: Well, in one show, we have an explosion in a chemical plant, a motorcycle accident, a huge landslide in Japan, a disaster involving a couch on wheels, a helicopter crash where someone is able to lift it to get the pilot out and a water tower construction failing due to soft earth. Someone dies in that last bit.
Jenn: Wow. I like it. No plot. Just disasters with a bit of explanation on what happened and the aftermath?
Discovery: Yep. The best part, the tag line is, "For stories that don't have happy endings."
Jenn: I'm sold!
Discovery: The best part?
Jenn: Yeah?
Discovery: It's brand new. We're in our first season.
Jenn: So, you mean, I caught it at the beginning of the series?
Discovery: Yep.
Jenn: I love you!
Discovery: We love you, too.

Apocalypse Girl is pleased.