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The latest version of THE THIEF'S MISTAKE is done at 75,000 words. Makes me happy. Obviously, I can't really do a lot of blogging while knee deep in edits. But it is all good. By next week, I should be knee deep in the new novel.

However, this is a bad week for news for me. The first mass market book I co-wrote in late 2006 is now permanently on hold by the publishing house for various reasons and may never come out.

There's other really bad stuff going on that is really, really pissing me off right now that I can't talk about publicly. But, suffice it to say that it is really wearing on me.

All of this might be contributing to the jaw pain I have been feeling for about the last ten days. My left jaw hinge really hurts when I yawn and my whole lower jaw just aches. I've been popping ibuprofen like candy. It's bad enough that I'm willingly going to a dentist, despite my childhood trauma with military dentists, on Thursday.

It also made my overstressed brain blurt out at my husband last night, "What would you do if it's jaw cancer?" All the while, images of them (the evil dentists) having to break my jaw and then wire it shut to fix whatever is wrong, danced in my head.



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