Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Edge of Propinquity - Volume 33

Volume 33: September, 2008

Hello everyone!

Volume 33 of The Edge of Propinquity has been published! September begins the time of harvest and readying oneself for the coming winter. This often means the spilling of blood in sacrifice. Blood is spilt this month in the form of a rescued man, an ambushed innocent, a self-sacrifice, loyal servants doing their master's bidding and a demon's demise.

Kendrick - Candle's Flame by Jennifer Brozek AKA gaaneden
While the Bacchanalia Coven join with the Makah Tribe for protection, Mason, Aaron and David fight to free Doctor Mercer from his spirit enslaver. There are casualties on both sides, some of whom end up on John and Karen's doorstep. Meanwhile, Vicki has had enough.

Luminations - Escalation by Rick Silva AKA shaharazad
Katy McCormick has been waiting for the new school year, and a reunion with her friends. Her enemies have been waiting too. They're out to hurt Katy and her friends any way they can. Hostilities are about to escalate, and for Katy, sophomore year is going to be hell, starting from day one.

Santa Maria - Losses by James M. Sullivan AKA sylvan
Bree convinces those left to fight the shadow creatures to take a risky action despite Rod's concerns and Daphne learns that the citizens of Santa Maria can only take so much before they snap.

Vorare - First Shots by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
The Walpurgisnacht fires are lit. The dark forces of the wild and of civilization are moving against and within the Farm. And the first of many falls this night.

Guest Author - Jasper and the Imp by Daniel Johnson
While Jasper seeks to protect his master's home and property from the evil squirrels, he encounters real evil in the form of an imp and a surly next door neighbor. Luckily for all involved, Jasper also has friends willing to help him out.

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

Chief Cat Herder
The Edge of Propinquity

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