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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Of Conventions & Concerns - which is mostly on my thoughts of being Writer Symposium guest panelist at Gen Con.

August 10, 2008
Of Conventions & Concerns
I leave for Gen Con Indy really frickin' early on Wednesday morning. I arrive in Indianapolis just before 5pm. Hopefully, that will be enough time for me and Jeff to get our bags, get to our hotel and get checked in before the Gen Con Writer Symposium unofficial Meet & Greet at 6:30pm. I've RSVP'd for Jeff and myself and I'm pretty excited about going. If you are going to be at Gen Con, here is my panel schedule:

  • Thursday, Aug 14th - 7:00pm - Read & Critique

  • Friday, Aug 15th - 11am - Writing for Online Games
  • Friday, Aug 15th - 12pm - Giving purpose to your Game Writing
  • Friday, Aug 15th - 1pm - How to Break into Game Writing

  • Saturday, Aug 16th - 3pm - World Building, The Impact of Magic

  • Sunday, Aug 17th - 8am - Brainstorming for the Game Market
  • Sunday, Aug 17th - 9am - Ooops! The Worst Mistakes to Make With Game Writing
  • Sunday, Aug 17th - 10am - New Ways to Tell Old Stories in Game Writing
  • Sunday, Aug 17th - 11am - Bang, Bang You’re Dead! Fun Ways to Kill the Characters in Your Game Manuscripts

    Why yes, that is an 8am panel I agreed to be on Sunday morning. I believe Luke Johnson is on all four Sunday panels with me. Fortunately, all of the Gen Con Writer Symposium panels will be in Marriot across the street from the main convention center which is really close to my hotel. Now, I just have to get my notes for all my panels written up. It's a good thing I splurged for 1st class seats for Jeff and I. I should have both the time and the room to do that on the plane on the first leg of the journey.

    Of course, I'm having those stupid thoughts of "What if they hate me?" and "What if they think I'm dumb/a poser/can't write/etc...?" I have these doubts before every convention and it makes me want to hide away from the world. Of course, once I'm there, I have a good time and no one thinks I'm stupid (at least not yet) and these conventions are excellent for my career. I get to meet other authors, publishers and editors and it's a good thing.

    And yet, I can't help but be intimidated. I've co-written three game books Two of which come out this year. I've sold an anthology. I've contributed to other games books and, for some reason, it doesn't feel like enough. I don't have the holy grail of authors, a novel, out there with only my name on it and that makes me, what? Less of an author? Dumb for being intimidated? I don't know.

    I wonder if all authors go these long thoughts before conventions or other speaking engagements.

    Only seven working days left on my QA contract. I will not lie. I will be very glad when it is done. I think one of the things I don't like in a professional setting is the lack of timely responsiveness in my team. Especially when I've been told that I would have an action item (that I am waiting on) by a certain time. It is unfortunate that this is the experience I have had with this team. But, as it is a contract, I will complete it and then walk away without any guilt, knowing I left it better off than when I started.

    I have to say, it makes me appreciate my Amazon editor's responsiveness that much more. Ditto with my RPG editors. Even if the response is - "I'm aware you need this. I don't have time to get to it. I'll get to it or tell you by X date." Heck, my co-editor, Amanda, over at Morrigan Books is amazing in her responsiveness. Even if we don't agree on things, I know we can discuss it in a timely manner.

    Also, I expect this sort of responsiveness in my own authors for the Edge of Propinquity. More than once, my authors have had me shake my finger at them and they've received some *ahem* emails, asking for their stories for the upcoming month. There is a certain amount of prep work that I have to put into all of the stories including reading, editing and HTML preparation. I'll be publishing the August issue of TEoP from Gen Con.

    Thinking of writing and publishing, I've now seen and discussed all of the possible covers for the Grants Pass anthology. After quite a bit of discussion, a cover has been chosen and I am pleased with it. It is not the cover I originally designed in my head. It is a cover from the Morrigan Books' graphic artist, Reece, who was told to 'come up with alternate images.' And, dammit, as much as I hate to admit it, her cover 'pops' so much more than mine did. I would pick up a book with the cover she designed before I would pick up a book with the cover I designed. I suppose that's why I'm an author and she's a graphic artist.

    So, cover chosen and editing well under way, I have two more tasks on my plate: find a couple of well known authors to blurb the anthology and inform the city of Grants Pass that they are about to become internationally known. Amanda and I figured it that it might be a good thing to let them know that a book sporting their name and such would be coming out next year and it might up their tourism numbers or something.
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