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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Happy New Year's Day to Me - Today is the 10th anniversary of Abstract Thoughts and it is also my own personal holiday where I reflect on what I've done and where I am going.

August 1, 2008
Happy New Year to Me
Today it the 10th anniversary of Abstract Thoughts! When I started this online journal, there is no way I thought it would last this long. It has and I am richer for it. The online community, for all its vagaries and follies, has been overwhelmingly good for me as a person and for my career.

Today is also my own personal New Year's Day. The month of August historically has been good to me and often comes with live changing events. So, I celebrate August 1st as a personal holiday and I reflect on what I have already done in the year and what I will be doing for the rest of the year.

What I have accomplished:

1. Got married. Talk about life changing.
2. Sold my Grants Pass anthology. That is huge. Really huge. Going through the professional editing process is amazing.
3. Sent out 29 query letters for agents and books.
4. Kept an online journal for 10 years.
5. Been invited to write for my first invitation-only anthology.
6. Continued to publish and write for The Edge of Propinquity for its third year.
7. Written 12 new short stories so far.
8. Got two new kittens, Isis and Pharaoh.
9. Been a guest at BayCon and got invited to guest at RadCon.
10. Continued to work for
11. Worked at QA contract with Microsoft.
12. Contributed to the Cortex rulebook.
13. Work on [censored] Margaret Weis Production project.
14. Sold my condo.
15. Submitted 7 stories to publications.

What I plan to accomplish by the end of the year:

1. Continue to send out query letters for agents and books.
2. Write the second novel for one of my series in the month of September.
3. Be a guest at Gen Con Indy 2008.
4. See the publication of Chill, 3rd Edition with Mike Callahan (September 2008).
5. See the publication of Dragonvarld Adventures with Margaret Weis (November 2008).
6. Write at least 5 more short stories.
7. Continue to work for
8. Have at least one more Margaret Weis Production project to work on.
9. Go to Hawaii with the husband for our honeymoon and his birthday.
10. Submit at least 5 more stories for publication.

There's a lot more I've done in greater detail but what it boils down to is that I have worked my butt off and the fruits of my labor are coming in. I am satisfied with what I have done and where I am going. This is an amazing fact. I can say I am content with my life and my work. Not a lot of people can say that. I feel blessed that I can.

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