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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with The Accidental Hiatus. It's been a very busy month.

July 25, 2008
The Accidental Hiatus
Life has been interesting to me in some fun and not fun ways. With this happens, I tend to forget that Abstract Thoughts even exists. It's not because I don't love it. I do. I really do. I've just been too busy to be really introspective about things. I've suddenly hit a spot of clear air that has left me thinking, "Huh? What? Where'd all that time go?"

Yeah. The short version for the last month:

1. Did a full edit on 105 Freaky Friday Fiction before submitting it to Morrigan Books. Which included moving stories around, ripping some out altogether and replacing them with new stories.

2. Completed the following short stories: Asta's Choice (The Phantom Queen Awakes), The Past and Present Collide (TEoP), A Bite to Remember (The World is Dead) and Absorption (TEoP).

3. A 1000+ mile road trip to get the cover shot for my Grants Pass anthology and footage for the mini-trailer

4. Spent 10 days sick with something that was not strep throat but was so close to it that the doctors treated me for it anyway.

5. Spent 10 days dealing with a cat in and out of an emergency vet because he ate part of a toy and it got stuck in his intestines. This overlapped with the sickness and included 5am medicine administrations to a cat who did not what that nasty stuff.

6. Published The Edge of Propinquity for the month and started a new Friday fiction series called "3 for 300."

7. Done tons of stuff for Grants Pass - editing old stories, writing forwards, looking at the cover shots, having discussions, agreements, disagreements and compromises with my co-editor. (If I didn't respect her so much and admire her editor's eye that makes authors look that much better, I'd probably want to kill her.)

8. Continued to work both my tech writing jobs and my QA contract.

Yeah. I'm a little busy. But, I've hit a weird spot to me. I don't know what writing project to work on next. I don't have an RPG project in currently. Short stories are very cool but I feel like I should be picking up one of my long term projects and running with it. Let the second book in one of my two series.

But, I don't know if I have the mental fortitude for that right now. Not with two fulltime jobs. In a month, the second fulltime job goes away and maybe I should gear myself up to make September my "next novel" month and knock out the second in the series then. Ponder. You know that might be the right thing to do. With two big trips in the middle and end of August, I won't have time to really put the effort needed for a novel. Yes, I should continue my short story trend and go pick something else out of the Ralan list for me to work on.

This is why I have Abstract Thoughts. To noodle over nagging doubt and thoughts until I can make them coherent enough to put on paper. It's funny how some things can become so clear and obvious once you right them down. I guess that's why I appreciate the written word and my long time journal. It's an old friend that reminds of what sanity (and insanity) is like.

I'm not longer sick. The cat is getting better. The anthology is coming along. The Edge of Propinquity is still going strong. I love my husband and I've pointed myself in the right direction for the next month.

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