Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

"105 Freaky Friday Fictions" manuscript edited!

Along with the slashing and hacking of my manuscript that my mom did, she made comments after some of the stories that just warmed my heart. I decided to pull some of them out for you all to see. The FFF name is in parenthesis.

Don't think I've said, but I like these little notes about your inspiration. They do add to things.

This one I liked - it was very well done. Complete - motive, means, opportunity, conclusion.

OK. Now THIS one is really freaky! Might be a good lead story - but I have 100 more to go! (Snipe Hunting)

Man, you can make a story out of anything! (Just Spam)

Shades of the Thief's Mistake. Yes, I am definitely creeped out. (A Holy Calling)

I've read or seen stories along these lines. Its an old theme, but not done quite this way. (The Harpsichord)

Just tell me you wouldn't REALLY make any such evil deal with anyone or anything. Please!! (Third Anniversary)

Definitely freaky and a little sick. Ugh. (Forever Frankie)

Just goes to prove the old saying "no good deed goes unpunished" Not that i believe that. I like this one. (Cup of Kindness)

Not freaky, but quite amusing. Actually, a nice break in all the rest. (Obituary of Roland)

I REALLY like this story. But don't find it particularly freaky like some of them. (Two Letters)

Great story. This one is worthy of The Night Gallery! I really like it - and its freaky, too. (EMP Touch)

Highly freaky! (A Perfect Match)

Good story - would make an excellent series. (Watch Me)

Definitely one of your creepier ones. (Within the Lines)
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