Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

I won the "Mall" game! AKA "Happy Little Consumer Girl"

I did something I rarely do. I went to the mall to buy a dress for both an RPG event and the various symphony/theater events that Jeff and I occasionally go to. This sort of shopping trip is usually a losing proposition. Not today. Lily was my lucky charm.

I immediately found a great dress (kind of like a black version of Marilyn Monroe's famous white dress)... and had to get it in a smaller size. Bonus point! I also got a practical dress up shawl and a pair of impractical shoes! Yes, me! I was, and still am, stunned.

I also bought:
  • Shorts for Jeff from Macy's
  • Godiva chocolate for the house
  • Snacks from Harry & David's
  • Hair pretties from Claire's

    It was an amazingly good day for shopping for me. Lily found a dress, a shawl (the same one as me) and a pair of shoes that would kill me if I tried to wear them.

    After shopping, we met up with Liz for dinner a P.F. Chang's.

    This was a nice change of pace after working so hard recently.
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