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June 17, 2008
Just Keep Breathing
For the past couple of weeks, my life has been a rollercoaster of emotions - most of which I cannot talk about publicly. At least, not yet. One, I can. I sold Grants Pass. I sold my anthology. I sold the thing I have been working off and on for over 5 years now. I sold my baby and I feel like I've stepped that much closer to one of my life's goals.

The Grants Pass anthology was born from a dream and an online writers group. I was considered to be one of the few "professional writers" in the group because of my RPG work. I posted 10 lessons on how to be published. Then, I decided to put my lessons in practice for the group. Based on three dreams I had, I created the idea for Grants Pass anthology and put out the call for submissions within the writers group. I was disappointed in the lack of response. Only a few submitted. Most of those were... not up to snuff... as they say.

So, I opened the call for submissions to a wider group. A much wider group. Like, the whole world. I even put the call for submissions on I took stories for a total of 18 months. Then I spent the next two years shopping it around while editing what I had. I got a lot of good rejections.

"Love it but there aren't enough big names in it."

"Love it but anthologies are really hard to sell."

"Great idea, unique concept but..."

There was always a "but."

I didn't give up. I finally sold it. Now, I've discovered the real work has just begun. Also, I am no longer solely in charge. Stories have been cut completely. Some stories were shifted to the forthcoming website only. Some stories remain in the anthology and all of them will need rewrites of some kind based on the tightened up guidelines and gussied up background.

This is my first royalty sale. This is the first time we've sent out invitations to write for the anthology to well-established authors and who have responded with gratitude for being included in the invitations instead of cavalierly turning down the invite because it is not worth their time. Having a publisher really changes things. I even have a tentative publication date: July 2009. My baby, although slightly modified, will be out the door in about a year. I thrilled beyond words.

Now, other things are coming and they are coming fast. I have one bit of fabulous (to me) news that I can't share - yet. Soon, my precious. Soon.

Then, I had something else going on that I've been sitting on pins and needles for, that again, I can't share - yet. I got an unexpected answer. It was not "Yes" or "No." It was "Answer fuzzy. Try again later." I am disappointed in that answer but not heartbroken. It wasn't "No." and that is good.

So now I wait. I have an iron in the fire that is promising to come out soon - for good or ill. I don't want "soon." I want "now." That want is a powerful master. A couple of close friends know about it and all they can tell me is "Deep breathes."

Just keep breathing. Yeah. I guess that's all I can do.

In the meantime, life goes on. I've got work to do to pay the bills. I've got cats to feed and cuddle who don't give a damn about that super important phone call I keep waiting for. I've got a husband who loves me and a house to take care of.

And yet... I keep my phone close by me at all time. That phone call is coming. Soon. Very soon. I pray to the universe I get the answer I want.

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