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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Communication is Good which seems to be a big deal with me right now. In my marriage and my work.

June 5, 2008
Communication is Good
For the first time since my husband and I got together, we are dealing with what I am calling "a delicate conversation." It is not an argument. It is simply about a subject that both he and I are touchy, defensive and emotional over. Last night he said something to me that hurt a lot. It was not meant to hurt and he did not know he hurt me and I went to bed upset. Mostly because I was upset and did not know how to communicate what I was feeling at that moment. I was too close to it.

I still hurt today but I've gathered myself enough to communicate to him what happened from my point of view and my own baggage. He was very surprised and apologetic. We talked briefly about things and now we've both backed off to think about it and what happened and what to do now.

I have to say that I'm happy at how we are communicating over this. We've never really fought. A couple of snippy comments back and forth but that it. This "delicate conversation" had (and still has) the potential of becoming a wickedly horrible affair. I know we are both doing our best to make sure it doesn't become that.

All relationship take work and this relationship with my husband is the most important one I have. I'm going to do what it takes to make sure the lines of communication are open and we understand each other without hurting each other.

My husband does know me well. He gives me kisses in the morning before work. Then takes off. This morning he came back a second time for this little conversation.

"Honey, I'm going to buy a ticket to see a band in October. I was wondering if you wanted a ticket too."

*sleepy* "What band?"


Needless to say, I came fully awake. Kamelot is in my top five bands of all time and I've turned many of my friends onto them and all thanks to my friend, Amanda. Of course, my first thought was: Buy the tickets! My second thought was: Does Amanda know they are touring in the US? I've got to tell her. My third thought was: I wonder if her husband can call them and get me backstage passes.

Yes. That's me. Caring and selfish all at the same time. But, I'm going to go see Kamelot!

On the work front, OMG, do I have work! I am slowly whittling it down to something manageable and that is good. However, it is putting a damper on my writing efforts. Right now, all I have time for is my Kendrick series on the Edge of Propinquity. It's a good series but I really want to do more. Either get to the second part of either of the two novel series I have in my head or start on the YA series I've been noodling over for forever.

Then again, I have a call with my MWP editor soon and I think one of those projects is about to kick off. That means all my creative energy gets to go there. I'm not complaining about that. I'm all excited to work on those RPG projects.

Speaking of excited, I have some (possibly) very cool news bubbling in the background. Unfortunately, I can't talk about it until Certain Things Happen. It's rather like waiting for a plot-coupon before I can make progress in my own life. I don't mind. I just hope I know (to the good) sooner rather than later.

My wedding ring and engagement ring are currently at the custom jewelry place that made them. I'm having them soldered together so I don't have worry about keeping together in their particular configuration. Plus this will kept them from damaging each other. However, this has left me with only my proposal ring until the 13th and, man, does it feel weird. I've found a simple silver band to wear with the proposal ring but both rings are so light and slightly big, I'm afraid I'm going to lose them. I can't wait to get my wedding set back.

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