Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Freaky Friday Fiction Stats

For two and a half years, I wrote a series of 105 freaky vignettes between 500 and 1200 words every Friday with few exceptions. You can read them here and here. Throughout the series, I killed, maimed and cursed people; many of them my friends. Some, I let escape - barely. Some had good deaths. Some just made you think. Here are the statistics over the series.

Living & Dead Statistics

Death by...
Blood loss: 8
Blunt force trauma: 4
Burned to death: 1
Claws, stingers and teeth: 3
Drowning: 2
Eaten: 5
Explosion: 1
Gunshot: 5
Poison: 11
Stabbing: 5
Suffocation/Strangling: 5
Supernatural means: 9

To live: 3
To live after death: 3
To make a hard decision: 2
To be crazy: 3

Fate unknown...
Escaped...?: 1
Did not escape...?: 4
Stalkers watching: 6

Happy endings...
Died in a good way: 2
Faked danger: 1
Survived by sheer luck: 1
Survived with a warning: 9
Drugged but survived: 2

Number murdered: 44
Most murdered female: Heather (6 times)
Most murdered male: Joe/Joseph (4 times)

Number who murdered: 48
Most murdering female: Lynn (4 times)
Most murdering male: Patrick (3 times)
Tags: freaky friday fiction

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