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Conversations with kittens...

What are you doing?*

Those are carpets**, you idiot cat. You walk on them, not under them.

Yes, you are cute. Where are the rest of your toys?

Oh, right. Isis killed the feathered thing in about five minutes and ya'll have long since eviscerated all of the mice***.

I wouldn't do that...

Seriously, kitten, I wouldn't...

Oh, Pharaoh! No!

Dammit. You know this means I really have to watch you two a lot closer now that you're brave enough to pounce at Esme. Even if she does still scare the crap out of you.

Yes. I do. You're as big as she is and I'm not going to let the two of you pick on her.

Isis! What are you doing? Carpets are for walking on, not wearing.

Oh, whatever. As long as you're not bothering Esme.

*Seems like I'm asking that a lot these days.

**Carpet treads for stairs. We use them to cover wire covers upstairs. The kittens like to play with them. And occasionally wear them.

***And I do mean eviscerated - chewed off tails, shredded fur skins and left them around as trophies while the insides of the mice are no longer identifiable.