Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Dark Tower Cake of Doom!

It was awesome. It was great. I was amazing. The reception was a lot of fun and the sculpted Dark Tower cake from Mike's Amazing Cakes was the hit of the party. Some guests were unaware that the cake was actually a cake for a while. And now for the pictures:

When it was delivered, it was delivered in a giant box. The delivery guy was very excited to see it. He 'had not delivered one this large in a while.'

Here is a look at the two gunslingers - the only non-consumable part of the visible cake. I was specific that while the cowboy looking characters were to be male and female, the female was not to be girly in any way.

A closer look at the top that is all modeling chocolate. The cake itself was white chocolate and raspberry and nummy!

The front of the Dark Tower and a look at some of the faces and monolith ruins. Yes, even they and the grass were part cake.

The back side of the gunslingers look up at the Dark Tower.

Size comparison shot with Jeff standing behind the Dark Tower. The fan is there because I was afraid that the cake would melt in the 90+ degree heat.

Jeff getting a better shot of the front of the gunslingers. I really like them.

And from the other angle...

A better look at the details of the grounds around the Dark Tower.

The aftermath because you do not not eat a cake like this. The few hours before the cutting, I was afraid the whole thing would fall over because of the heat. I was wrong. There was no way that thing was going to fall over. Maybe having some of the icing melt but not fall. It was a good cake.

I really hope Mike's Amazing Cakes took some professional pictures of the cake for their website so I can snag them as well.

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