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The Edge of Propinquity - Volume 29, May 2008

Volume 29: May, 2008

Hello everyone!

Volume 29 of The Edge of Propinquity has been published! If April showers bring May flowers, our garden is filled with carnivorous plants sporting sharp thorns and poisoned petals. This month we have a fight between practitioners of the Old Ways, the leaving behind of an old life, an unexpected fist to the face, trapped people fighting a hidden monster and innocents caught between two hard decisions.

Kendrick - May Day by Jennifer Brozek AKA gaaneden
Powers are gathering to fight the avatar of Anu while mere mortals are being forced to chose sides in this battle they do not understand. First blood is struck to unknown consequences.

Luminations - Chains by Rick Silva AKA shaharazad
A distant tragedy casts a shadow over the campus, and Katy McCormick finds herself caught up in watching the events unfold on cable news. It's the day of the Virginia Tech shootings, and Katy faces her own fears as friends come together for comfort and reassurance. Amidst the distractions, Katy's enemies seize an opportunity.

Santa Maria - Prisoners by James M. Sullivan AKA sylvan
Mac finally reaches the prison below Santa Maria and Ant stews in his jail. Bree and Rodrigo worry about the future. The creatures attack again.

Vorare - Away by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
In the aftermath of the Chainfield's invasion of their home, Gordon's mother is assisted by her neighbors while Gordon himself faces the hospital, the police - and the wrath of his Ally.

Guest Author - Hotter Than Hell by Mischa Sagan
Deep in the Chicago summer months, during a deadly heat wave fit to set records, Abigail is asked to take in a poor refugee and her daughters. Reluctant but unable to say no to this request, she does and discovers something an evil worth fighting against.

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

Chief Cat Herder
The Edge of Propinquity

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