Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Blasts from the Past... and a little weirdness

In the past week, two people from my college days looked me up from out of the blue. One of whom I've thought about off and on for years and one of whom I have not.

The former, Dana, was a very good friend in college. He was pretty much the pack leader of all of us. Not because he was the biggest and baddest but because he was ahead of us all and had the patience of a saint. He got married and is still in the Air Force - currently at Space Command in Colorado. Let me tell you, I'm interested in that. I've looked for him off and on for ages and turns out he found me. I am easier to Google.

The latter, James, was a guy I dated briefly in college. He didn't go to the college I went to but hung out in the off-campus crowd I ran with. He pinged me from out of the blue just to catch up because he had run into an old friend of mine at Microsoft where he's been working for a few years. Big place. No, we never crossed paths. This old friend of mine? Robert, my first love, and the guy I dated before I dated James. Apparently, they were familiar with each other, couldn't figure out why and then just last week they realized they knew each other through me.

I don't know about you all but there is something vaguely disturbing about two old ex-boyfriends from college getting together and comparing notes about you more than a decade later.

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