Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

It Must Be Said...

Now that I have a brief moment to breath, it must be said. Heather (aka artistic_chaos knows I appreciate her. And I really do. However, she was the best darned Maid of Honor - Ever. I mean it. That woman, beyond being my best friend and willing to go to jail for me, made sure my wedding week/day went off perfectly. Let me list some of the things she did:

1. Packed the most awesome "emergency bride kit" ever. You all have no idea how often I asked "Do you have...?" or said "I really need..." and her response was "I packed that. I've got it."
2. She picked up my parents and sister from the airport as an unexpected favor to me and then later offered to take them back - they accepted.
3. Impressed my very critical parents so much that they want to adopt her. (Whoa.)
4. Was willing to drive me all over Vegas in an attempt to get my much wanted "Just Married" t-shirts (that are nowhere to be found in Vegas - wtf?).
5. Took Jeff and I out on "Monorail Madness".
6. Made sure I was fed and watered the whole time I was in Vegas.
7. Made sure nothing was forgotten for the wedding.
8. No only did she not panic when I, hysterical, told her that I had forgotten my custom-made corset for my wedding outfit... this that I discovered 90 minutes before the wedding... she immediately thought of a solution, found the store and bought two different sizes of corsets for me to try on and wear. All while I put myself back together after the hysterical crying.
9. Made sure my difficult to manage veil stayed on my head.
10. Played bodyguard for Jeff and I was we walked from our rooms to the chapel.
11. Most of all... kept me sane and made my wedding as wonderful and as special as it was.

I swear that woman deserves a medal and a raise.

And a massage.

And a bunch of hot men with long hair (like from the Tournament of Kings) to be at her beck and call.

Most awesome maid of honor and best friend - ever!

(More wedding war stories later.)

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