Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Conversations with kittens...

I see we're playing cat origami with me tonight. Esme, do you have to lay perpendicular to my body at my feet? Yes, I suppose you do.

Here you go, Isis, under the covers. EEK! That's my belly button. No cold nose on the belly button.

Hello Pharaoh. How ya doing? No, I wouldn't go down that way. Esme's there and she'll hiss at you.

See? I told you so.

Erf. Ok. Tuck in behind my knees. That's safe enough.

Isis, stop. Seriously kitten, your head will not fit up my nose. I promise you.

No. Really. It won't. Stop it. Isis!

Erk. Pharaoh, get off my hair. No, you don't get to share the pillow with me.

Kittens! The bed is not a wrestling mat. Stop it. No wrestling. I will toss you two off the bed.

Isis, dammit! You will not fit up my nose!

Pharaoh, go bother Jeff.

Esme, could you make me any more uncomfortable?
Tags: conversations with the kittens

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