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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Oddly Domestic - I think my upcoming nuptials is putting me into nesting mode. It is surprising to me.

April 16, 2008
Oddly Domestic
I do not know if this is a "nesting" response to my upcoming nuptials (in two weeks!!) or a bit of Spring Fever cleaning kicking in or if it is me just settling into a new domestic routine. I do know that I have been oddly domestic for the past few weeks and it is a curious thing for me.

I will be the first to admit it. I am no Suzy Homemaker. I hate cleaning. And the thought of holding a needle in my hand for more than sewing the errant button back on gives me hives. Just ask the lovely lassies who are making my wedding garb. I went pale at the thought of me adding pearls to the edge of the hemline even though my seamstress, celedraug, assured me that it was easy. In the end, she did it because I wasn't going to let myself anywhere near an important bit of clothing like that with my lack of skill.

And yet....

In the last week, I have voluntarily cleaned the kitchen multiple times. Just up and did it. Even after I declared to Jeff that it was his turn. I've also done multiple loads of laundry - yes, it needed it but I did because I didn't know if Jeff had clothes to wear or not. So washing I did go. I've even considered vacuuming a couple times though it's not gotten past the thought process stage, yet. Most shocking, I voluntarily, on my own, dyed a garment I own from one color to another. Really. While it did not come out the color I thought it would, it came out beautifully.

I wanted to dye my white crinoline black. I wasn't going to use it for my wedding. Thus, I wanted to use it for other things. celedraug emailed me directions on what to do and I did it. Just like that. The slick fabric and mesh did not lend itself to the black dye. All of the cotton stuff on it came out a deep black, the rest came out a gorgeous silver-grey purple that I could never have done in a million years if I tried. I am very pleased with it and myself. This is a real victory for a non-DIY gal.

It's weird for me to be so domestic. A couple weeks ago, I willingly put pictures of me on the wall. Granted, I combed through the best Hawaii 2007 images of pictures of me, Jeff, us and the cool things we did. 32 of them ended up on "The Wall of Us" and I adore it. I really do. I never thought I would be doing the things I'm doing now.

I think I kind of like it. But I'm not crazy. Jeff and I have already talked about hiring a maid service to clean the house from top to bottom after the wedding but before the WA reception. Once we get a regular routine going now that Showcase is over and the wedding is almost here, we'll probably have a maid service come in on a regular basis. You see, Jeff can claim "Guy" and I can claim "Author" as for why our house is such a mess all the time.

The writing I have been doing has been almost exclusively nonfiction related. Huge Amazon project, tech writing for the QA job and various bits for wedding as well as a new project that I've just accepted. Fortunately, this new project is a one-off, due at the end of May.

This means I haven't really been writing fiction except for TEoP, FFF and for bits of RPG character fiction. This bothers me because I want to work on Empire's Devolution and I finally have a story idea for an anthology call for submissions. I'm not saying I bit off more than I can chew for my paying gigs. I'm just saying that some of my creative side is chaffing at the bit and poking me, asking "When is it my turn." Soon. Soon. I promise. Life is very busy right now.

Two weeks until the wedding! Oh, man. I am very excited and a wee bit nervous. Soon. So soon!

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