Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Ok. Now I'm Getting All Excited

Jeff and I decided to save us a lot of room and to open up the gift packages we have already received for our upcoming wedding. Now I'm all excited. Giddy almost. It wasn't just receiving gifts. That's nice but what really got me all excited were the well wishes attached to the gifts. I can't explain it But, now I'm able to look at the Vegas trip as more than 'just one more thing to get through' before I can get on with the rest of my life. That means a whole lot to me. Thank you to you all.

Also, Jeff and I have come across something unexpected. We got a wedding gift from a person who signed their name only as "Taiwanese Girl." I have no idea who this is or where to send a thank you note when we get to that part of this ritual. It occurred to me that more people might send gifts from online nicknames, assuming we will know who they are. I'm pretty good with LJ handles. But, please, if you send something from the our wedding registry, please use LJ handles or real names.

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