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Abstract Thoughts had been updated with Just In Time - Which is mostly about writing and kittens with a bit about the condo.

April 4, 2008
Just In Time
The condo is sold and closed and I even got a small check of "profit" after all was said and done. You all have no idea just how relieved I am over all this. I'm back to a single household and just in time. You see, I really needed that check to pay bills. I have lots of money coming to me but there has been some sort of hiccup at Amazon where I didn't get paid for February. It's not my editor's fault. He's a stand up guy who always submits my invoices. Something happened after it left his hands and we aren't sure what. So, the house check makes me solvent until my 'deferred revenue' comes in.

Not to mention I'm not putting out a huge amount of money every month on a place I haven't lived in since Dec 2007. That is a huge relief for me and for Jeff. Now, we can actually think about doing some realistic budgeting for our household and that makes me very happy.

The new job is strange and very busy. To get to know the software I will be testing, the hiring company is having me do the job of what the software is being used for. This very helpful in a couple of ways. I learn the software and it gives MS enough time to go through the paperwork of getting me a badge and a smart card. I do have to say, I'm glad I am not being hired to do the work that the software is being used for. It is too subjective for my taste.

Along with the QA job, I have Amazon. My editor has been kind enough to give me a couple of long term projects so I don't have to keep poking him to give me stuff. It's not glamorous work but it pays the bills and that is a very good thing.

No word on any of the MWP writing projects yet. Other than a due date for the first book of one of the projects. I'm still waiting to see what I need to do. I know what the projects are but I have no details yet and that is making me antsy. I like working for MWP. I want to get working on one of those projects soon.

Thinking of writing, I'm getting about one good day a week to work on Empire's Devolution and I am doing the work of actually outlining what I want to have happen in the nine days the story takes place. I'm also doing little things like naming people who will be major characters. Other than that, all my time is taken up with Freaky Friday Fiction and The Edge of Propinquity.

Actually, I lie. I have some new blood being pumped into the Grants Pass anthology with some exciting results. We will see what comes of this. Not much to say yet. Hopefully soon. Plus, I really want to get a sub into the Voices anthology but nothing of any real inspiration has come to light, yet. I'm hopeful thought.

Oh, yeah. It's official. I'm a writer guest panelist person for Radcon 2009. Go me!

The kittens are doing well enough. Esme is slowly... ever so slowly... accepting them. We've had a couple of WTF and OMG moments with the kittens recently.

So, I took the kittens to the vet and one of the things I wanted checked out was whether or not the kittens had waxy ears or ear mites. The kittens wouldn't sit still long enough for the vet to tell. So, she gave us Advantage for kittens. Yesterday, we put it on the kittens and separated them so they wouldn't lick it off each other.

Unlike Esme, who cannot pull an Exorcist move to lick the back of her neck and between her shoulder blades, the kittens can. We discovered this the hard way. I had Pharaoh locked up in my office. I turned and he was FOAMING at the mouth and darting all over the place trying to get away from a nasty taste. I thought he was having a bad reaction to the medicine. I panicked. Completely.

I called the vet and, in retrospect, I suppose it is better that the receptionist laugh at you on the phone over the situation instead of telling you to bring the kitten in immediately. But, still, it did not make me feel much better to know that they were foaming up because they had a nasty taste in their mouths and they would be just fine. Really. Apparently, Maus are very, very flexible and we have to put the Advantage on the back of their heads, just above the collar because that is the only place they cannot reach. And now I know.

That's OK. They got back at us. Wednesday, they attacked the Costco box of ramen and ruined two packages. I cleaned up the mess and put the box up high on the dining room table. Such the fool was I. This morning, when I came downstairs, there was an unholy mess in the dining room and they had opened, chewed upon and partially eaten TEN (seriously) packages of ramen! They were still trying to eat the dry ramen noodles as I cleaned it up. My Mau kittens are addicted to ramen. Who knew?

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