Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

McPostAlot: We are NOT Pleased...

Jeff and I have started getting wedding presents from our various registries. (Yay for excited parents!) Thus, packages are arriving on a fairly regular basis. Thus, I am not surprised when I see the UPS truck arrive. Since I am working, I half watch him out the window to see if he carries one of those things that I need to sign. He doesn't. So, I don't go downstairs. I am surprised to hear a thump from downstairs and see the UPS dude running back to his truck and peel out. I didn't even know those trucks could peel out.

So, I go downstairs and open the front door. The package is there and is covered in "Fragile" tape and big red words saying "Do not sign for if seal is broken"... which it was. In fact, when I picked up the package, part of whatever it is had punched through the cardboard box. So, I brought it inside and opened it. Jeff and I are big on not opening any of the wedding gifts until after the wedding* but this was an exception. I needed to see if it had broken. Fortunately, it had not and all is well but I am NOT pleased with the UPS guy right now.

* This doesn't stop me from looking at the registries to see what has already been bought. I'm curious and unrepentant.

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