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Today is "Get Crap Done" day

So far today, Jeff and I have...

- Faxed in my employment documentation for the QA freelance job
- Canceled my condo insurance and, because that would make my car insurance go up (due to the lack of having multi-line insurance), Jeff added me to his car insurance and cut my effective car insurance in half. Then, I canceled my current car insurance.
- Ordered the final PSE bill for the condo.
- I got myself set up on my appropriate health insurance online and started my online prescriptions so I don't have to go to the store and I'll save money.
- Now that the condo is sold, Jeff and I will be doing a joint refinance on his home in order to consolidate our debts. He started that paperwork
- Paid bills, including my sister who did all the wedding invites for us, and the bill for my tax guy.
- Did some cleaning.

There's still a lot to do but we did get a lot off our plates. Now, I'm waiting for my training to commence.