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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Of Conventions & Condos which is about Norwescon and the selling of my condo.

March 25, 2008
Of Conventions & Condos
Well, I think I've actually done it. The condo is sold. I've just gotten back from my part of the closing (IE: document signing process) and the official closing date is the 28th of March but the buyer is going to sign her part of the paperwork this afternoon. I think they do it many hours apart on purpose to make sure that the buyer and seller never meet face-to-face. I mean, I'm glad the condo is sold. That's a huge weight off my shoulders but the last minute dickering between our intermediaries made me want to kick puppies.

Of course, everything happened in the last five days or so while I was at Norwescon. Thank goodness the hotel had a decent business center where I could get to my email, view and print PDFs that needed signatures - right frickin' now - and fax them back to the real estate people. I got home from the convention on Monday and almost immediately had to turn around and be at the condo to watch a new hot water heater be put in. The guy was nice but could not do math to save his life.

Norwescon was good for me. I got to show off my man to various people who welcomed him in with a smile and a hug. I worked IT and Registration again and got reminded that I had the (admin) power to do what was needed on the machines. I got to go to a couple of really good writing panels and a couple of "schmooze-n-booze" parties. While at one of these, I received an invitation to be a writer panelist at Radcon 2009. It made me realize that I needed to put together an actual convention appearance schedule because, well, I have one.

I met up with some super keen people like Richelle Mead, Cherie Priest, Caitlin Kittredge, and Pat Rothfuss. Some drinking, much talking and a good time was had by all. With luck, I will actually be on panels with some of these people at next year's Norwescon. I also got to meet Dan Simmons and had a short conversation with him at the last writing panel of the convention. He is a pretty nice guy.

While I was at Norwescon, schmoozing, boozing, buying and socializing, my recruiter called and set up my training for my freelance QA job that starts tomorrow. There is no rest for the wicked where I am concerned and I'm OK with that. I've been on my feet and running ever since I got back - condo stuff, wedding stuff, reception stuff and job stuff. It feels oddly good to be so busy. I guess I needed a kick in the ass.

On top of all of that, I've got the bee in my bonnet to start working on the next Regresser's Evolution part - Empire's Devolution. There's nothing like being around a bunch of hyper-smart, creative types to put one in the mood to write and be creative. A lot of these people are where I want to be in my writing career very soon.

I've decided to stick all three parts of the Regresser's Evolution series into one large book. So, Empire's Devolution (which may actually become the name of the third part, I don't know) doesn't have to be the size of a full giant novel. I can just work on telling this part of the story - what was happening at home while everyone else was dealing with the crisis in space. I figured out that I have nine days to cover and a lot ground to cover including three murders. I've started the ED outline while I am going over the edits that Brian did to RE to get myself back into that universe.

It's good to be back home. I really missed my bed and my kitties. Time is moving again and it makes me happy.

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