Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Shortened and Lengthened

OK. So, the condo was closing on the 25th. Now, it is closing on the 28th. One would think this would mean that there was more time to do things.

One would think but this is not so.

So far, I have had to have the resale cert emailed to me, printed out, me sign it and fax it back because it had to be TODAY instead of Monday as originally mentioned. Then, I had the Closing company for the other person call me and need vital information RIGHT NOW. Me, being in a hotel and not home, had to think quick and figure out that I had the vital information on my Billpay. But, of course, my hotel room internet was not cooperating and I had to call to fix that before I could call the Closing company back to give them that vital information.

As of now, pending the inspection (and the other person's financing, I think), my condo is sold. Though, officially, there can be no celebration until the 28th, the official closing date and after I have signed a lot of papers saying "No, really, the condo isn't mine anymore. Honest. She can have it and all the bills that go with it."

All I have to say now is: Thank God this hotel has a very nice business center and calm people to staff it. The lass didn't even blink an eye when I came in, telling her what I needed and unfortunately, it was a rush.

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