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March 12, 2008
I'm Doing Very Well
Something very, very cool happened on February 29th but I can't talk about it. Not yet.

I never mean to take such long hiatuses from Abstract Thoughts but they do happen. Mostly because I'm busy and what I'm busy with doesn't make for good journaling whether or not it is important to me. Much of it is rather like blogging about dreams - fascinating to you but boring to most of the world.

On the writing front, Amazon has me very busy and this makes me happy. I am done with my part of CHILL, 3rd Edition for Otherworld Creations and I'm in a holding pattern for my projects for Margaret Weis Productions. I should be doing some editing work for a friend here soon and my freelance/mostly at home/ QA job kicks in after Norwescon. I still have about 10 more Freaky Friday Fictions to write before that project moves into its next phase of editing and I'm still waiting for query responses to arrive. Most of them are rejections but the Really Important Query(TM) hasn't rejected me yet and, the Universe willing, won't.

I'm also being a slacker on starting the next book in the fantasy series or the next in the space opera series. I should pick one and dive in but ... I'm being a slacker.

On the relationship front, everything is just getting better and better. Even when Jeff and I have to have those really frickin' scary nakedly intimate talks about things - as most who intend to spend the rest of their lives together do. He reads me very well and I am learning to read him. I suppose it helps that he is very easy going person while I'm a bit uptight. If he expresses a definite opinion on something, I almost always acquiesce to his desire because he has an actual opinion on it and I listen to that. Most the time, he just goes with whatever I want. Not in a downtrodden "Yes, dear." way but more in a "If it makes you happy." way.

I also got my basic wedding ceremony and reception website set up. It's plain but functional.

The kittens are making themselves right at home and they seem to have decided that they want whatever Esme has. It has required a shift in how we do things around here - especially with litter boxes and food dishes. I'll leave the TMI details out of it. Suffice to say that Esme is getting used to the kittens and neither one had died or even been maimed by my princess bitch of a cat... yet.

She so used to them that she will play with them now IF (and only if) I am not watching. I've seen her play with them with the laser pointer and play a chase game with them. However, if I am around and appear to be paying attention, she hisses and bats at them. Most of it is for show at this point. While the kittens do have a healthy respect for her, they really aren't hurt in the batting and it shows in their responses to her. They just get out of range and leave her alone when she growls. I mean, Esme allowed them to eat out of the same bowl as her and now doesn't really even growl at them on the bed at night.

This last bit, all three cats on the bed, usually around me, pinning me in and making me hot, has started the institution of "cat free" nights. A couple nights a week, all cats and kittens get unceremoniously booted from the bedroom so Jeff and I can get some uninterrupted (and much needed) sleep. This is working out well. They all have each other to keep company with.

The condo still is not sold. It will be soon. I hope. It is a huge deal to me right now.

Gaming-wise, life is interesting. In the Vampire LARP, my beloved ghoul character was murdered and, in a last ditch effort to save her with 12 seconds to spare, was embraced by someone who was not her domitor. This has put the path of three different characters into a complete spin. Not a bad one but one that is very interesting and unexpected. I'll admit, RPing this change has been a bit rough on me. It's hard to play an emotionally fragile character in a room full of predators. But, it has led to some most awesome scenes. This is the first time I have had a character killed since my very first LARP character over a decade ago that I did not have prior knowledge of or helped plan. It's been very interesting.

The Deadlands Dark Tower table top game is about to start and I am super excited about it. It's going to be a small game. No more than five players. We've got two definites, one maybe-probably (gonna talk to her again soon) and two maybes-depends on work schedule. Jeff is running it. Rob and I start this Thursday. We'll see when the rest join the game.

Also, there is a distinct possibility that I may run a "once a month" Changeling the Lost game once I get the new Changeling book and some of its supplements. I'm still in love with the background and I really want to play it. Rich is going to run one online for me and a couple other people, too. The system is easy to run and I absolutely adore the background setting. It's been a while since an RPG setting has captured my attention so well.

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