Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Random Things

"Time is moving again."

Esme is now playing with the kittens but only when we don't watch. She gets all growly and hissy at them when she sees me watching them play.

I just left a message with the general manager of a store that included the words "Better Business Bureau" and "Lawyer". It's been a long time since I've been annoyed enough at a business to do that. I was very calm and polite about it. But when my credit score is on the line, I take no prisoners.

Amazon stuff is doing good.

I will start my freelance (mostly working at home) QA job by the end of March.

My WoD ghoul character in my current WoD Vampire LARP was murdered at the last game... then at the very last second... embraced by someone who was not her domitor. Talk about the emo and the angst. The situation is eating my brain - both IC and OOC stuff.

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