Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Feeling Better & Write-Offs

I'm feeling well enough to do the chores that I've been promising to do for months now. I have finally finished putting in all of my freelance travel and business expenses into my tax records for 2007. That meant going through all of the envelopes of receipts that I have held onto for the whole year and logging the ones I had not logged yet. Mostly, it was doing the due diligence from Gen Con Indy 2007.

Thus, I have discovered that in 2007, I drove 3480 miles in the name of freelance networking, business and being a convention guest. I also spent a grand total of $3433.75 on hotel, airfare, food, business supplies and TEoP guest authors.

All of this is a write-off!

That's good because my total 1099 income for 2007 was $4295.00. (While my deferred revenue is spectacular, thank goodness for home equity.)

I had to get this all done ASAP because my appointment with my tax guy is on the 29th. Jeff is coming with me because we have a whole lot of questions to ask about what to keep track of because I am still freelancing and I have a home office in his house and we will be filing jointly next year.

Exciting stuff!

No, really. I am excited about it all.

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