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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Too Tired for a Decent Title - which is a catch up entry and convention report.

February 20, 2008
Too Tired for a Decent Title
When we last left me, it was just over a couple of weeks ago and Esme had escaped and been found. Since then, many things have happened - all of them noteworthy to me in one fashion or another but not all of them interesting reads. So, I shall keep it to that which is interesting.

Selling the Condo... It is still on the market. I had hoped it would have sold by now but it has not. Though, the most number of people to come see it in a single weekend came this last weekend and that is a good thing. I had to pull on my investments to pay the March payments for the place as it looks like I will still own it through that month.

The Job Hunt... I've gotten a couple of very good hits on this one. I have a waiting job offer from one company to be the sole QA person for an internal MS project. However, as the company is in the process of pitching the work and package, I do not have an offer in hand. Any good job hunter knows that no job offer in hand = no job. So, I've continued to look around and I have a hit as a technical writer for MS. The interview for it should be this week. It is within my wanted price range and it gets me back in the game industry.

Love... My honey is still wonderful and I love him more than anything else in the world. We got our custom made rings and I'm wearing both my proposal ring and my engagement ring right now. We went and got a safety deposit box for the wedding bands so we wouldn't lose them and, admittedly, because it really amuses the heck out of me at the fact that I have one.

Just think of the interesting things we could put in it to mess with people's heads. Pictures of one particular friend hugging two or three other friends with dates and addresses on them. Or two pictures of the same person 10 to 15 years apart and put the older date on the younger picture. It is too much fun to think about, really.

Kittens... We got the kittens and had to return them the same night because one of them got sick. Really sick. Turns out a bacteria that all cats have in them added up over the stress of being fixed, separated from Mom and having a new home. It was a sad night. However, they are back now and doing just fine. We've had them for less than a week and I adore them to pieces. Esme... not so much. We've done one introduction and she was not happen. We'll do another one soon. In a week or so after that, the kittens are going to have free run of the house. THAT will be exciting.

Writing... My freelancing for Amazon has become quite the good thing for me. My editor is keeping me busy and giving me all kinds of work. This, in turn, is keeping me in funds to pay for my condo and bills. It makes me happy. It also gives me a leg up on other professional tech writing and editing jobs. This is pretty cool. I just got a ping from a friend on freelancing for them. The job sounds small but potential for continuing work.

On the sad side of things, one of my manuscripts has come back with a very nice rejection. They liked what they saw but they felt that it had been covered in many other books before. I would need a new hook, angle or media format. So, we'll see. Maybe I'll pitch to someone for the new Kindle. I'm not willing to give up. As rejections go, it was a good one.

On the good side of things, I am now a guest at BayCon as well as GenCon Indy. I don't know what my schedule for BayCon will be yet but I will post it when I know. Yes, I am aware of the troubles that the GenCon corporation are dealing with. It will not affect this year's GenCon Indy. But I'm not sure what is going on for next year.

Travel... Speaking of conventions, I just got back from DundraCon where I got to see people that I miss a whole lot. My Buffyverse LARP with Bill (as Endless Adventures) went off well despite the problems of having one time in the book and a different time posted on the board. I think that contributed to us not having a full game (including overflow) for the first time ever. Still, people had a lot of fun and that made me happy.

I managed to get into Joe's Mutants LARP and they gave me my favorite kind of character. Just lucky I guess. Then, Rich reran his Changeling the Lost game and I am completely in love with this game! Seriously. I liked the old Changeling game but I didn't get it. This one I got in a big way. I have to buy this book ASAP. I may consider running Changeling games from time to time because of it. Then, I got into Bob's WoD Mortals game. This was the creepiest convention game I've ever played in and that's saying something. It was messed up and wrong in all the best ways.

At the end of the convention, I got to hang out with Rich, Cil, Greg and David while we went to lunch and wasted time before my flight left. It was then that I realized how I felt and viewed the two main groups of friends I hang out with at the bi-annual convention reunions. One is my court. The other is my motley.

The court is loud and larger than life. There are core members, the popular ones; there are regular members, supporters like me I suppose; there are fringe members, the ones attracted to the light who are accepted but are not the inner circle. I love everyone in the court and enjoy my time there but it is work and I know I'm not an inner member. Sometimes it makes me sad. Most of the time, I just enjoy everyone's company and have a good time - thankful that I know all of these people.

The motley is much, smaller, quieter (in some respects) and everyone is an equal. The "leader" position switches off to whomever is most appropriate. There is not a competition for attention. The spotlight is shared and there is an intimacy that I really enjoy. There are motleys within the court, no doubt and I am a part of some of them. I prefer the smaller, more intimate groups. It was just interesting to me to finally be able to put into terms what I feel about each group that I hang out with.

Health... I was not patient zero for the con crud this year even though I was and still am sick. There were way too many sick people already for me to qualify. Though, I feel very sorry for whomever is patient zero. They probably have a mixture of Pacific Northwest, Bay Area and East coast icky to contend with. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. The cough and cold I'm still dealing with is kicking me in the head.

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