Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Pharaoh and Isis no longer home

Not six hours in and we had our first kitten emergency.

Remember that distressed meowing (probably calling for Mom) and the yarking with the occasionally diarrhea? Yeah. Well, the forth time it happened and the kitten was yarking up nothing but bile, I insisted we call the breeder. Good thing, too. Apparently, one of his girls was doing the same and by calling, we confirmed that it wasn't just an upset tummy.

So, 1am in the morning, the breeder guy, Mike, very nice guy, came out and got the kittens for observation and was going to take them all back to the vet in the morning. He had been there yesterday morning with them all getting a look-see and all the kittens were healthy. This means they got into something they should not have in the evening just before Jeff and I got there to pick up our kittens.

Isis was fine. Frisky, playful, curious. Pharaoh, I'm worried about.

Esme has complained and hissed at me. So far, she hasn't bitten either Jeff or I but she did stick to me like glue last night.

No idea when we will get our kittens back.

Now Jeff has an upset tummy. I just gave him chicken broth and water.

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