Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Pharaoh and Isis are home

The kittens are super adorable. Unfortunately, the kittens are also a little scared and stressed with the car ride, separation from family and being in a new place. Pharaoh seems to have an interesting habit of announcing his distress - just before bad things happen.

IE: he ate too much gushy food. 15 minutes later, he walked to the middle of the room and gave two sharp distressed meows. I talked nice to him. He walked over to the wall, have another sharp meow and yarked. An hour later, he came out of his hiding spot, gave those two sharp distressed meows. I asked him what was wrong and not only did he yark again, when Jeff went to clean it up, he discovered that Pharaoh had a little diarrhea and I got to introduce Jeff to the wonderful world of cleaning up stinky kittens while speaking calmly and soothingly to them.

Pharaoh took it all well. So did Jeff.

I mentally added "smell pretty" stuff to my shopping list for tomorrow.

Pictures forthcoming.

PS: Yes... Esme is one pissed off cat.

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