Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

"Danger! Danger" *flails arms wildly*

"Danger, Jeff Meaders! Danger!"

I am in a moody-moody PMS progesterone poisoned (as Sam puts it) mood.

I'm not surprised after six weeks of hormone fuckery because I forgot my pills over Christmas, had a second period in an eight day time span and have spent the last five weeks resetting my cycle based on pharmacist recommendation. For the last week, my body has been poking me. "WTF? Aren't I supposed to be bleeding now? No? But, it's time? Where are all these hormones coming from? Dammit, this isn't right!"

Everything should be nicely reset after these next four days which promise to be PMS hell. I almost fell asleep at the computer at 3pm yesterday. So I napped. Today, I am in an irritated mood just looking for a target - tempered by the fact that I -KNOW- I'm in an irritated mood just looking for a target... thus, keeping a rein on my temper as best I can.

I just went into the bathroom and flailed my arms around "Danger, Jeff Meaders! Danger! Mood swings in effect!" He just smiled at me, reached for my hand and said, "I love you."


But he has been warned.

And so have you.

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