Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

After Cloverfield...

Me: "So, honey... I'd really like to be able to say, that if a rampaging monster were to attack the city..."

Him: "Not gonna happen."

Me: "What?"

Him: "Not gonna happen. Don't even think about it."

Both: *laughter*

Me: "So, you would be one of those people running across the city to save me?"

Him: "Yes but I'd like to think I'd be smarter about it."

I realized something after this little snippet of conversation. If Hud and crew had been "smart" and continued to evacuate just like they were supposed to, they all would have died anyway. Just much sooner. They all would have died when the bridge was taken out... just like Jason. Beth's phone call actually saved them from that.

I really enjoyed the movie. It's the best modern day monster movie I've seen. It wasn't too long. They didn't overly explain anything. It really was a great "reality" apocalyptic type movie. I'm also glad I took Dramamine before the movie. There was only one part that made me a little queasy. I don't know if the Dramamine helped or not but it certainly did not hurt.

Also, I do have to agree with cmpriest... once you have a crowbar, you should keep it. It would have come in handy. Any gamer knows that.

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