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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Progress Is Made which deals mostly with the condo, writing and my job hunt.

January 18, 2008
Progress Is Made
I guess the last couple of weeks could be summed up with: Edit, work on condo, edit, freak out about condo, write, worry about condo, job hunt, write... rinse, lather, repeat.

The last couple of weeks have been tough on both Jeff and I. He's been a trooper all throughout my freak outs over the condo - getting it ready to sell, the delays in getting it ready to sell and the cost of getting it ready to sell (which was a couple thousand dollars more than expected). However, all that is done and the condo is officially on the market now. There is nothing left for me to do except wait for a buyer. I've never been good at waiting but I really have no choice now. Let's hope for a short wait.

Also in the last two weeks, I finished editing The Little Finance Book That Could and sent it out to my 1st Round Reader group. This first round reader group is different than most of my first round readers. Most of them, I haven't worked with before but they all requested that they read the finance book because they really need guidance. Since that is what this book is for, I figure it would be a good litmus test.

Now, on the writing front, I'm taking a small break from writing fiction and only writing on Year Three of Kendrick for the Edge of Propinquity. I'm very proud of my project and the fact that it is in its third year. This may be its last year. I don't know. It's a long time for a writing project to run. We will see.

This small break in fiction does not mean I am not writing. Far from it. My Amazon tech writing ramped up a lot because it is my job until I get a contract. Even then, I'll continue to write for Amazon while I'm doing a contract. It's a good way to supplement my income and keep my writing up. My editor believed me when I said "Give me what you got." He's given me the most he ever has at one time. It's pretty cool. I know what I'm working on for the rest of the month.

The job hunt for a decent contract is also underway and I've got two very positive hits so far. The recruiter loves me and has put me in for two decently paying QA V- contracts at MS. One is a test lead. One is not. Both sound ideal for what I want. They both start at 3-4 months with opportunities to extend. They both pay enough to sooth my freaking out miser who is freaking out due to the plummeting housing market and my condo being on the market for less than we had hoped. Both would be enough to refill coffers and allow me to feel comfortable again in a financial sense. I am cautiously optimistic and even hopeful.

Speaking of that, agent query letters are in the process of going out now. The first one went out to the one agent I really want and want to give first shot to. The rest will go out next Monday to everyone else. I have a lot to offer as an author and hope they can see it.

Thinking of that, I finished up the first draft of my part of my Chill contract and I'm waiting to hear what else I need to do with it. In the meantime, I've been told what I'm going to be working on for Margaret Weis Productions for this next year. Two contracts. One small. One big. I'm very excited about both. The big one might include a cover credit which really makes me smile. I'm just waiting for the actual contracts on them before I say more.

Oh, yeah. Jeff and I visited the Mau kittens we are buying. We picked out the female we wanted because we get first choice and put in our preference for the male since we get second choice. They are the cutest things. We'll be visiting them again in late January, early February with a camera for more pictures. We should be able to pick them up right after I get back from DundraCon.

So, definite progress is being made on all fronts. The condo is on the market. The third year of TEoP is up and running. Agent letters are going out. The finance book is out to readers. I'm writing my little fingers off for my Amazon gig and the job hunt is underway.

There's a lot more I could be doing (like organizing the house and such) but, over all, I'm happy. Jeff is working hard at work and working even harder with his musical - he has one of the lead roles. I don't see him as much as I'd like but we're getting along. Moving in together seems to have gone pretty well over all and that makes me even happier.

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