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The Edge of Propinquity - Volume 24, December 2007

Volume 24: December, 2007

Hello everyone!

Volume 24 of The Edge of Propinquity has been published! December, the heart of winter, is often the darkest time of year for people to bear - metaphorically and physically. For those who dwell at the edge of propinquity it is no different. This month, to end out Year Two: Consequences, we have effort in vain, a pyrrhic victory, peace at a cost, a final showdown and a dearest wish granted. None of which is as good or as bad as it seems. In some cases, it is worse. Here, we close the year with the lesson learned that consequences for actions - intended or not - are felt long after the fact.

Kendrick - Too Little, Too Late by Jennifer Brozek AKA gaaneden
The clock is ticking down to an inevitable end. Although Karen and John can gather the rest of the supernatural groups together to rescue the Abbot from the Children of Anu, they are far too late and more than lives are lost.

Luminations - An Accounting by Rick Silva AKA shaharazad
Nancy Mateo walks away from the carnage of the failed ritual, and from the loss of someone dear to her. She walks into the cold darkness of a snowy New Hampshire night to settle affairs with former friends, and with the dark figure of the hunter who has haunted her dreams for the past year. The time has come for an accounting, and it's one in which the price that must be paid could very well be Nancy's own life.

Santa Maria - Battles by James M. Sullivan AKA sylvan
It's all coming down to the final battle. Enid and Mac attempt to convince the Council Dictum they must act against the Ghost Lords, who are enacting the final part of their plan - with Acolyte Garcia and Duncan in tow. Meanwhile, an injured Bree must convince Rodrigo and Ant to allow her to go to battle against the Ghost Lords.

Vorare - Into the Gloaming by Ivan Ewert AKA ivan23
A decision is made, and a peace is struck - even if it is only for a single evening, a family is reborn, and a refuge found.

Guest Author - Seasonal Work by Peter Friend
Brian and Henry are second rate Santas who work through the holiday season. Unfortunately, ever store in the whole area seems to have found new "super-Santas" to work for them. When confronted by Brian and Henry, one of these "super-Santas" gives the men exactly what they ask for.

Have you ever looked over the edge and seen something looking back at you?

Chief Cat Herder
The Edge of Propinquity

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