Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

The Packers were here and now they're gone...

As in the profession and not the football team. My condo is completely in boxes and you have no idea how happy that makes me. It is a sign of progress in motion. The limbo of two houses is almost over. Moving is one of the five most stressful things a person can deal with (death, birth, job change and marriage are the other four I believe - don't correct me if I'm wrong - I really don't care that much). Oddly enough, moving excites me as much as it stresses me. I suppose it come from being a military brat. I'm used to moving. It brings new opportunities and a way of de-cluttering my house.

The movers, Adam and Keith, were a little weirded out that I got them coffee cake and offered them redbull. But, over all, they were good. Maybe a little too good. They packed the toilet paper I got for the empty downstairs bathroom and packed all my extra t-paper for the upstairs bathroom. This required me to run out to the new place and pick up t-paper for the downstairs bathroom. I don't care who you are, leaving the bathrooms stocked with t-paper is the only polite thing to do when you move.

Esme, that little dear, is mightily pissed at being driven to the new house and then locked in an empty office (with her blanket, carrying cage, litter box, food, water and a new bed) for the last day or so. She's going to be more pissed when she's locked in the bathroom tomorrow afternoon for the completion of the move and she will be beyond pissed when she's locked in my office for the next week to get her to imprint on it as HER territory. However, I'm sure she will survive.

Over all, I'm still happy as a clam. Tomorrow night, I will be home in my new home with the love of my life.

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