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Updated... (Brithday/Engagement)

Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Best Birthday Weekend Ever - I'm Engaged!... which is all about my Birthday weekend.

December 9, 2007
Best Birthday Weekend Ever AKA I'm Engaged!
I'm in love with the bestest, sneakiest, most wonderful man in all the world. Friday night, he made sure that there was a little birthday party in my honor, shared with a other birthday guy who is a good friend of mine. He made reservations at The Keg, and, including me and him, there were sixteen people at the table. We had a great waiter and a great time. Afterwards, we went back to the Nexus II to continue to the party.

Saturday the 8th was a weirdly emotional but ultimately cool day. I had a pedicure and manicure with Miriam. Then her car broke on the way home... as in the crank shaft fell off the car. This was bad in an adventure kind of way. No one was hurt. I called Jeff to come rescue us and he did. After taking Miriam home, we got me some dinner and hung out at the house for a bit before heading to my condo.

I was still in my crocs (open toed sandals that Jeff bought me in Hawaii) and I went to go tell him just how wonderful the shoes were and that I would probably wear them a lot more in the summe when he suddenly sent me back to the family room. I was surprised and curious. I knew he had something special planned for my birthday but I didn't know what. He called me into the living room. I turned the corner and found him standing in the middle of the completely empty living room (where all my living room furniture is to go when I move in this week) in a heart made of rose petals and a trail of rose petals leading up to him.

My thought was, "Awww. He's being romantic and welcoming me into his home. I love him. He's so awesome." I walked up to him and stepped into the heart of rose petals with him. There, he told me just how much he loved me and could not live without me and it wasn't until he was reaching into his pocket and going to one knee to ask me to marry him that I realized what he was doing.

Of course I said yes.

I was so happy and so shocked. He totally got me. Totally. You see, Jeff and I have been discussing marriage for a very long time. To the point that we have already been to a jeweler's to start designing custom rings for the two of us because I'm not overly fond of diamonds unless they are in a vintage setting and I wanted a moonstone engagement ring. This was all great. He was willing to have that for me. However, Jeff put a stipulation on the official proposal: It could not happen until we had met and talked with both families. Thus, Thanksgiving to meet his family and Christmas to meet mine. He's been hinting at a New Year's proposal for weeks now.

Tricksy man and all mine.

Apparently, he called my parents over a month ago to get permission... even before we started designing our rings... and had a nice long talk with my parents. Especially with my growly-bear dad. They ALL managed to keep it from me. Even my mom, who continued to fuss and act unhappy at the whole "just moving in together without anything else" thing. Even after I hinted that things would be fine to her. Tricksy parents!

I did say yes. I didn't cry though my eyes welled up. Then I remembered that I had my engagement ring for him. You see, I don't think it's fair that only girls get engagement rings. So, I bought my honey one, too. Here are pictures of them:

My engagement ring:

Jeff's engagement ring:

Jeff and I wearing our rings:

Aren't they gorgeous. These are the rings we will wear on vacations so we don't lose the really expensive platinum and diamond ones that we are having made for us. Yes, this gorgeous vintage .32 carat VS1 diamond engagement ring is my 'placeholder engagement ring' until our custom ones are finished. Then, I will wear it on my right hand. I am the luckiest girl in the whole world. I got a fiancée for my birthday.

I totally won.

And I just now realized that I can stop being a freak about my family trip and know that all the growling and worrying about my parents not liking Jeff is just worry and dumb. It's going to be a great Christmas. It totally is.

Tarot Card for the Day: Six of Wands Inverted

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