Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

A New First that is Too Cool Not to Mention

Jenn: You around?
Cherie: sure.'sup?
Jenn: I feel really dumb.
Cherie: what for?
Jenn: All this time, I've been reading Not Flesh Nor Feathers but I never read the dedication.
Cherie: heh :) Sizemore did the same thing.
Jenn: I only just now found out that you thanked me because I was looking up my name on Amazon.
Cherie: :)
Jenn: Thank you. :) That was sweet. I'm glad to have made a difference.
Cherie: Hey, working on that book was a real drag -- and I had a real hard time here for that first year. I appreciated your company and assistance :)
Jenn: You're welcome. :) You are the first to name me in a dedication. That's a cool first to have broken.

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