Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Stalker Dream Snippets with Christopher Walken

The two movie stars that most often show up in my dreams are Anthony Hopkins and Christopher Walken. I'm pretty sure Christopher Walken showed up in my dream last night because I saw him on a commercial for Hairspray.

It was a night of badness. A stalker guy stalking me. It some versions, catching and skinning me alive or making me watch him kill one of my friends. All the while, he kept asking me why I was making him do this. Why I wouldn't just love him. In other versions, I would escape and try to kill him.

In this snippet, I remember slashing my stalker in the throat with the edge of a chicken wire fence, then setting the place on fire and running. As I was running down a hallway, the whole building was exploding in flames behind me. Christopher Walken, who had been portrayed as some sort of mentor to me off and on throughout the dream snippets, drove up next to me in a golf cart and yanked me into it. We drove away from the flames.

As we drove away, my stalker, on fire, burst from another building in front of us. He tried to grab me but Chris just ran him down in the golf cart that had now become a jeep.

Chris looked at me, "Didn't you just kill him?"

I shrugged. "Yeah. But I guess I'm bad at that, too."

He shrugged and we drove on.
Tags: dreams

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