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November 19, 2007
Thankfully Busy
In the past three weeks, my life has focused on just a few things: Writing, Editing, House stuff and worrying over meeting Jeff's parents.

Writing. November is NaNoWriMo AKA the National Novel Writing Month. I scheduled myself to write two novels this year. I finished the second one in October. Rather than resting on my laurels, I decided to be completely insane and participate in NaNoWriMo with a book I've been wanting to write for years. This would be my 'extra credit' book for the year. Unlike the other two books that were fiction, this book was non-fiction.

Many years ago, I was deep in debt and not making a lot. After a particularly emotional event, I determined to get myself out of debt. Five years later I was. The book I chose to write is semi-autobiographical based around the rules I used to get me out of debt and the rules that I feel everyone should follow to live a financially responsible life.

I've also kept up with writing for, updating my resume, etc...

Editing. While I've been writing Book #3, I have been editing Book #2 from draft zero to draft one. I've also been editing for The Edge of Propinquity and some editing for ShadowRun with more Degensis on the way. I've completed my edits of Book #2 and the current TEoP stuff.

House Stuff. This category mostly means my house but it also means a bit of Jeff's place, too. I've set up when the movers are coming and generally started the checklists of what need to be done before they get here. After the Thanksgiving day visit to Utah, I am going to be a whirlwind of throwing crap out. Purge shall be my middle name. I will try to be brutal about it because, honestly, I don't want have to unpack it all.

On the Jeff house (soon to be mine, too) side of things, there has been shopping - furniture and carpets. As well as plans for where to put every thing. I will admit there has been a lot of happy squeaking and squealing on my part. He and I made our first big "together" purchase. There have been all sorts of discussions of the "we're moving in together, what about... " type. It's been fun and a little scary.

Mostly, I have chugged on and on, waiting for my move to Bothell to be over. I think life will become less complex then and I am eagerly looking forward to not wondering where I'm spending the night.

Jeff's Parents. Yes, we are doing the holiday parental visits this year. Thanksgiving for his. Christmas for mine. I'm nervous. I shouldn't be. I do well with parents. I'm sure they will like me. I make Jeff happy. But honestly, I want them to like me. I know it won't make a difference in my relationship with Jeff but it will make life so much easier if they like me and I like them and we all get along. Family is important to me. It always has been.

Other stuff. My life isn't all work and no play. I've been LARPing with some great people. I've watched some good movies. I've done (too little) some exercising with Jeff. I've vaguely started looking for a contract position for after the first of the year.

Tarot Card for the Day: Five of Wands, Inverted

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