Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

1st Round Readers needed for Novel #2 - The Thief's Mistake

Blurb: Dever believes he has made the steal of a lifetime. Unfortunately, no one wants to fence an artifact from an evil goddess known for ritual murder and betrayal. Now, Dever needs to rid himself of 'Sarryn's Heart' before those who are searching for it find it - and him. One small problem. The artifact is alive and has its own ideas of what it wants to have happen.

I'm looking for five 1st round readers to read and give feedback on this novel. It is about 65,000 words of traditional fantasy. If dark ritual magic, morally ambiguous characters with personal codes of ethics and a high body count bother you, please don't volunteer.

This feedback is for the STORY ONLY. Not only will my mom be doing the main editing (because she always does), I will eventually have a professional editor take a whack at it. I'm looking for logical fallacies, plot holes and confusion points if something is not explained enough.

Please volunteer ONLY if you believe that you will be able to get me feedback on the novel within a two to three month timeframe. Thanks.

Volunteer by commenting or emailing.

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