Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Patient Zero...?

I spent an exciting evening, trying to have a 'cave' night, vomiting and having diarrhea and cold sweats that ended with me calling Jeff and asking him for a ride to the hospital emergency room when I discovered my temperature was 93.4. I didn't think that was possible. Five hours later, I left the emergency room with 2 mg of Doloted (a morphine based drug), 2 liters of IV fluid in me and the diagnosis of "Viral Gastro-Enteritis" AKA "Intestinal Influenza".

I have never had pain like this before. In a band across my stomach from an inch above my bellybutton to the bottom of my ribs, I am in pain. My current temperature is 97.3 which is a lot better than the 94.6 they clocked at the hospital.

This is what the paper says about it: It is caused by a virus which affects the stomach and intestinal track and may last from 2-7 days. Antibiotics are not effective, but simple home treatment will help.

Home treatment consists of a clear liquid diet, drugs for pain and nausea, and being grounded for the next couple of days. If I had plans with you for Thursday or Friday, they need to be cancelled or postponed. I can have limited visitors. Please call first.

This is infectious. However, it is only infectious if you are playing with my body fluids on a regular basis. I can think of only one person like that and he was with me at the hospital, seeing the pain I was going to through. He is sufficiently motivated not to kiss me too deeply.

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