Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Lazarus Iron Mirror

It was a big writing day for me today. 2700 on my Kendrick story for The Edge of Propinquity and 1300 words on novel #2. Not bad at all. Since I drank way too many diet cokes today, I'm wide awake. So, I will tell you about the cool thing my most awesome SO did for my on our fifth month anniversary.

We were in Fred Meyer's to pick up some bins for dealing with painful trash, then as storage in the garage (Multitasking! Alton would be so proud.) and then I saw it. I stopped and stared, amazed. It was gorgeous! Beautiful! Magnificent! Muse worthy! Jeff watched me stare at it and touch it and be amazed. At some point he said, "You're having a Jenn-gasm, aren't you? Not a goth-gasm but a Jenn-gasm." Yep. I was. I wanted it. A lot. Jeff bought it for me right then and there. He hung it up in the house that night with a "Happy Anniversary" and a kiss.

I know that deirdremoon and anyone who has gone to her house will understand why I have wanted one of these for so long. She's got a small one and it intrigued me from the moment I set eyes on it and now, I have one of my own. It's 31 inches wide and 55 inches tall.


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