Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Seven Interests Meme

The lovely naamah_darling picked 7 of my interests for me to write about. If you want to play along, comment; I'll pick 7 of your interests for you to write about, you post with these instructions in your LJ to keep spreading the fun.

  • antique occult literature - I collect antique occult books. Most of my stuff is from 1920 and earlier. I love the language they use and the way the material is presented. I love the uniqueness of the books themselves and I've always had an interest in the occult. Plus, I love being able to say I have a "one dot Occult Library."

  • ordo coclearum runcibilis - This is a very long and amusing inside joke that started with artistic_chaos and I. It means "Order of the Runcible Spoon" and is a play on the Titanium Battlespork Brigade. In truth, you really had to be there but imagine two geeky girls going to the local REI to buy them out of all of their titanium sporks while giggling madly the entire time.

  • masks - I love full face masks. I love the face that the only way to communicate through body language in the face is through the eyes. So much can be hidden while other things are revealed.

  • intellectual magpie - All authors are intellectual magpies. We randomly pick up interesting tidbits here and there and use them in our stories. Some of them are mere footnotes that amuse. Some of them become an integral part of the story. Some of them become the seeds of epic novels. I am always picking fascinating tidbits of knowledge, fact, myth and opinion to store in my muse's most cluttered boudoir.

  • cilantro is nasty - I am part of the 1% of the population who tastes cilantro (and coriander) like soap. While I love guacamole, I can't eat most recipes because I'll be happily munching away and then, suddenly, I feel like I'm chewing on a bar of soap. Not pleasant. It has ruined many a good meal.

  • leather - I love the feel and smell of leather. I really do. It's warm. It can be flattering. It's sexy. It's rugged. It comes in black. What's not to like?

  • sapiosexuality - There is nothing sexier than a smart person who knows how to stimulate my brain. Use a word on me that I actually have to look up and I start crushing. Explain something technical to me in a way that I actually understand and I'm in love. Use math in an everyday task and you'll have me swooning. Understand how a single object can become a creative inspiration for me and I'm yours. I have had many a crush on smart people just because they are smart. They engage my brain and make me think. They make me want to be better. I prefer to hang out with people smarter than me so I don't get lazy. I want to work up to my potential and beyond.
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