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Abstract Thoughts has been updated with Un-cocooning - which is me, coming out of my shell a little bit.

September 30, 2007
So close and yet so far away. We are coming to the contemplative time of year. I am no exception. Lately, I've been thinking about people I miss and want to see more of. I will admit, this cocooning is almost all my fault. I've been writing a whole lot on my novel, my short stories, my RPG fiction, my Freaky Friday Fiction and my Amazon gigs. On top of that, I have been stupidly and deliriously ecstatic with my most significant other, Jeff, for the last five months. 80% of my free time has gone to being sappy, happy, and generally cute with him. The next 10% has been devoted to LARPs. Another 5% has been devoted to much needed alone time... which has left the last 5% to spread around my myriad of friends.

This is, of course, not enough time to adequately spend with any of them and I want to do something about that. I miss Diane and her husband. I miss Will and Cynthia. And Rory and Cheryl and Jim and the Nexus and Mercury friends and ECC friends (outside of game) and general people I see around town. I want to spend more time with all of them. I am going to make an effort to start connecting more with my friends from afar, too.

Of course, this is kind of a dumb time of year to do this sort of thing. We are on the verge of the Greed, Envy and Gluttony holiday season where everyone has a lot more to do - especially family obligations. I am no exception. I have two holiday family visits upcoming that promise to be exciting, nerve-wracking and fun. (Not to mention good old NaNoWriMo which I intend to participate in again this year.)

Jeff and I are also still working on his house. And, of course, by working on the house, I mean Jeff is doing 90% of the work and I am supporting him. However, after our trip to Hawaii for his birthday (*squee*), my moving panic will begin in earnest. We got me some boxes to start moving things like DVDs, CDs and books over. The new carpet is almost ordered. We have the plans in place for some moving and hauling. I will be doing most of my moving myself until I get almost except for the big stuff moved. Then, I'm going to have to hire someone to move the big stuff.

Still, I am going to try to get in touch with people and see if they would like to get together with me or me and Jeff. Just to meet him and to catch up. I'm thinking dinners and lunches and such. So, if you have felt neglected, please drop me a line and poke me. I never meant to neglect but life and love happens. I am trying to rectify some of my cocooning.

Other than the cocooning, my life has been blissfully dull from the outside. I have done some wonderfully fun things with Jeff (the symphony, the Salish Lodge, dinners) but other than that, I have been writing, catching the occasional interesting TV show or movie and LARPing. There isn't a lot to write about when most of your life is sitting at a keyboard pretending to be someone else, somewhere else, have a perfectly rotten/wonderful/strange time of it.

The cat is good. The condo is a mess. The car is good. The boyfriend is fabulous. The working out is sporadic. The LARPing is dramatastic. The weather is chilly and rainy. The future is bright and shiny and I can't wait for it. That is pretty much my life in a nutshell.

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