Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

December 9th: Birthday Wishes, Seattle Style at Teatro ZinZanni

(Forgive me if you see this multiple times.)

For you Seattle local types (I'm not going to insist any of my out-of-town friends come), I already have plans for my birthday on Sunday, December 9th. Yes, I know it is early but, you see, my fabulous SO, solarannulus has already claimed that night with reservations for Teatro ZinZanni at their new location in Seattle.

Teatro ZinZanni is much like a smaller, but no less impressive, Cirque Du Soleil. It is not an inexpensive night but the food and the performances that happen in and around your dinner table are well worth it. You need to get your reservations well in advance.

I will be dressed to the 9's that night and I would love to see others of my friends enjoying dinner and the show around me. I know we have floor seats. Between that, my birthday and the corset, I have a decent chance of being dragged into the show. I would love to have some support from the audience should this happen.

The last time I went, Jeff and I were the only people I saw dressed up. So much so that people thought he and I were part of the show! I would like to see that changed. I know my friends can and do dress up when appropriate and this would be one of those times. Plus, as I was returning from the ladies room, one of the performers decided to escort me back to my seat. It was funny. Dressing up gets you noticed by the performers.

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