Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Thankful Thursday

There are many things I am so grateful for. I've been lax in stating this. I am going to do better in the future because my life is just too cool not to be grateful for it.

1. An SO who trusts me to deal with important matters concerning his (and soon-to-be my) home.
2. An SO who really understands me and says everything I want to hear - especially stuff like, "Well, after the inevitable champagne celebration, I'd have to get scientific and figure out what happened."*
3. Friends who miss me but also understand that I am very busy with the writing and the SO and love me anyway.
4. For actually having a writing career!
5. For having a princess of a cat who has a distinct personality and who does love me.
6. For hitting the 2/3rds mark in Novel #2
7. For future plans for The Edge of Propinquity 2008 - Very cool stuff!
8. For my SO taking me to the "Sci-Fi" themes symphony tonight!
9. For plans to go to Hawaii in less than three weeks.
10. For being so damn happy for the past five months I just want to burst into song!
11. For friends who will send me "Got Zombie Plan?" t-shirt links.
12. For having my gig to bring in the money when I need it.

* No context for you!

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