Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

In Bad Dreams Review

As if! have posted the first review of In Bad Dreams, a horror anthology I am in that is about to be released. It didn't blow the reviewer away but then she is admittedly not a horror reader and claims that horror readers should enjoy this more: Review.

What she had to say about my story was: You often hear about weird things on the internet. An older co-worker once told me about fax-spamming, but it just doesn’t seem the same as good old email spam. Anyway, “Twenty Questions” (Jennifer Brozek) is about exactly that. Fairly predictable, I must say, but still - nicely written, enough to give me (admittedly a scaredy cat) a bit of a chill.

Predictable but still scary and nicely written. Hmmm. I can handle that.

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