Jennifer (gaaneden) wrote,

Labor Day Indeed

I spent the day painting what will be the guest room and my office in my guy's home. Painting sucks. However, I have the handiest guy around and I'm not just talking about the sex here. He painted the two accent walls downstairs and then he came up to help me. I needed it. I had never painted a room before. I don't want to do so again anytime soon. Even so, I only did about 2/5ths the work of painting the two upstairs rooms (more than 1/3, less than 1/2). We just got done about 20 minutes ago and I left my guy cleaning up the tools. We will both sleep VERY well tonight. No doubt, we will both be sore in the morning. I love my guy!

PS: A pox and a curse on spammers who use my domain in the return address. May all their children have little dicks - even the girls! I've already deleted more than 1000 bounces in the last 24 hours.

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